Online Coaching

Online Coaching

The Workout Solutions Online Coaching Program designed by George Tsanis is now available to individuals all around the globe. Now is your opportunity to take advantage of this service that has never been offered to the general public. Up till now, because of my work commitments in the gym, this service was available to very few people within the modeling, acting, and sports coaching community. The majority of my clients consisted of busy clients on the go who travelled a lot and other fitness and sports coach’s that required my guidance to ensure their own clients success. Now you can hire the teacher instead of the student. Stop wasting time! Let Workout Solutions take the frustration out of trying to make sense of all the conflicting information regarding how to best achieve your goal of a healthy lean body. No more guess work. No more false promises.

George’s honest approach to coaching will provide you with sound guidance towards achieving your goals in an effective, safe, healthy and fun manner. The online coaching program is for clients with long term commitment to their fat loss and lifestyle goals.

“One of the reasons for my success as a coach is that I’m 100% dedicated to all my clients in ways that are so crucial to their success. To me, coaching is a 24 hour job that requires special attention to detail in all areas of life to achieve any reasonable level of success. With ongoing coaching and frequent monitoring by email, MSN messenger, or by phone, you are put into a position to succeed, and I make sure you remain in that position. This communication is important for your success, and I wouldn’t wish to do without it. It’s a complete system. Together, as a team, we will work hard to reach all your health and fitness goals”.

Online Coaching costs $250 per month, $500 for 3 months, or $1500 for the year. This includes program adjustments and unlimited consultation through email, phone and video chat.

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